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From bestselling author, Tamara Gerlach comes

Cultivating Radiance
5 Essential Elements for Holistic Self Care

What is the secret to being outrageously happy? Why are some people so happy that they literally shine with Radiance?

Years ago, I went on a journey to discover what made radiant people so happy, and discovered that all radiant people practice five elements of self-care, which begin with cultivating happiness on the inside.

Cultivating Radiance shares the secrets of radiant people by exploring how our beliefs, attitudes, passion, self-care alignment, and vision are the keys to a more radiant life. Each short, motivational chapter is designed to take you on a journey to discovering your own Radiant Nature.

Each chapter includes a concept that plants the seed of change, a Discovery Question to help deepen wisdom, activities to help get into action and challenge you, as well as gratitude elements and mantras to help lock in the learning.

  • We realize that we don’t have to be young, attractive, and thin to be radiant. We are all born radiant…and we all need a little cultivation.
  • We learn that we DO have time to take care of ourselves AND have more energy to take care of the important people in our lives.
  • We’ll learn to light up the room, inspire joy, and create freedom and balance in every part of our life by creating a personal radiance plan.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page and share your light. I sincerely hope that you benefit from the stories, questions and activities, and light up your relationships, especially the one with yourself.
I truly appreciate you!

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Praise for Cultivating Radiance


Cultivating Radiance is air to fire. It is wonderfully clever, thoughtful and most importantly filled with spiritual and practical ideas creating a lighted pathway back to inner exuberance and self love.” — Kristine Carlson, Author, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women and Heartbroken Open

“The world needs this book. It is a beautiful, simple and insightful guide for living a radiant and awakened life. Tamara weaves real life stories together in a way that is both accessible and inspiring.” — Patrick J. Ryan, Author, Awakened Wisdom: A Guide to Reclaiming Your Brilliance

” It’s simple. If you live what Tamara wrote about in this book, life will be wonderful.” — Rich Fettke, Author, Extreme Success

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The Importance of Kindness talk by James K. (Jim) Papp, Author of "Inquire Within - A Guide to Living in Spirit". Learn about the importance of being kind to yourself, kind to others, and kind to the earth.

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